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The London Bike Kitchen

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

In the quiet and unassuming north end of Pitfield Street, Hoxton, one can find a small but important jewel: The London Bike Kitchen. The premise of the shop is simple: come in with a broken bike and they’ll show you how to fix it. Jenni, LBK’s founder, was inspired to by bike kitchens found in her native California. She has to turn the odd person away who just wants to pay someone to fix their bike. Most people, however, are intrigued…they come in for a class or some workshop time and leave with a working bike and a head full of bicycle maintenance knowledge.

The local kids love it so much Jenni says she can’t keep up with their enthusiasm. The LBK runs a series of classes, such as Build Your Own Bike or Introduction to Bike Maintenance which mainly run on the weekends. There are also classes for young people which teach “critical thinking and analytical skills via the bicycle” and on Mondays they host WaG Night (Women and Gender-variant).

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